NIRA Shuts Down DomainKing.NG

DomainKing.NG, one of the top domain registrar in Nigeria, has failed to provide basic support to its Nigerian customers, for the past two weeks.

Based in Punjab, India, two of DomainKing.NG’s officers were allegedly arrested earlier in February on a variety of charges.

Domains and web sites operated by DomainKing.NG on behalf of its Nigerians customers have been offline, or broken; there have been numerous complaints on Facebook, as it’s the only forum open to the public.

Whilst considering the plight of existing DomainKing.NG clients, the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) had taken a protective measure to ensure that the DomainKing.NG platform is temporarily not available for more Nigerians to make further payments so that more innocent people will not pay, register and not get the service they paid for.


As stated by NIRA President, NIRA indeed accredited domainking as one of its registrars. It is apparent that their services were shutdown two weeks ago in India. Because they no longer respond to communications even from NIRA. As at Friday, NIRA had to take action to protect some Nigerians who are still registering new domains with them by shutting down the address to their portal, to protect potential registrants while we decide based on legal advise, how to proceed with customers whose businesses are affected by their inability to reach domainking, You can read more about domainking from their facebook page, which still seems up and running.

You can read the press release on NIRA website.

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