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olaMy name is Olaitan Kolawole, am an ICT professional and Technology enthusiasts…I reside in Lagos state of Nigeria. A  young, Nigerian Blogger with so much passion for making things happen with the use of Technology.

The way business is done today has changed and it keeps changing with emerging technologies. It is the ICT savvy individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and experts that will leverage this opportunity to create unlimited wealth. This is an era of knowledge economy. The digital economy is what we should advocate for Nigeria, the time is now and here. is Nigeria’s leading Business & Technology blog which provides quality information in ICT related issues like Web Technology, Web Trends, Software Development, ola5Telecommunication, Mobile Technology, Technology Trends, Industry Watch, Business Reviews & Analysis, Interviews, News etc.


Olaitan Kolawole is the lead Web & ICT Consultant @ TurningPoint Innovations™ [BN2154644]. He specialize in +Website Design/Development +WebHosting +Digital Marketing +SMS Shortcode Setup +Premium BulkSMS Setup/Gateway etc. Visit us @