How to Get a Smart Number for Your Business

The Smart Number service provides personal identity to any business or customer who subscribes to it.

A Smart Number service is a recall friendly phone number that represents your company name, the products you sell or the services you render.

The Smart Number service provides a business/organization with easy-to-remember phone numbers made up of numbers and alphabets that uniquely identify the name of the business, product or service. This makes the numbers easy to recall increasing the business’s reachability among customers and prospects and as such increasing business opportunity.

In addition, this service allows organizations link their existing phone numbers (fixed, mobile and from any provider) to their Smart Number. So customers/callers only need to remember one number – the organization’s Smart Number.

For example, a company called BETA MEDIA LIMITED with the following numbers, 01-7690000, 01-7600004, 08031920225 & 080266872243 can choose the smart number – 0700BETAMEDIA and have all their existing lines linked to this number. This way, the only number their customers or prospects need to remember would be 0700BETAMEDIA.


Why Your Business Should Have a Smart Number?

  • SMART Number Produces Results! — Companies with Smart Numbers received 14 times the call volume versus the same advertising using a regular numeric number.
  • SMART Number will keep Customers out of the Yellow Pages— Once potential customers know your number, they no longer have to “look you up” in the phone book or ask around for your business number.
  • SMART Number is Exclusive—- You own the rights to use the SMART number in the precise market area your business covers.
  • SMART Number Speak for Themselves—-With a SMART number such as 0700-FLOWERS or 0700-DIAMONDS, the impression left is that your business is an easy-to-reach, easy-to-deal-with, consumer-oriented business.
  • SMART Number is truly an affordable way to stand apart from the crowd.
  • SMART Number adds Status, Distinction and Boost Your Reputation—- People know there’s something special about a business that has a great SMART number. It sets you apart and says “better business” and “customer service.
  • Word-of-Mouth Advertising—- the SMART Number is easy to remember & advertises for you at a very affordable rate.


The Smart Numbers are offered in two categories:

  • Non-toll free 0700 numbers &
  • Toll free 0800 numbers

Both non-toll free numbers and toll-free numbers must consist of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 letters (alphabets) after the initial 0700 or 0800.


Features and Benefits of Smart Numbers

Features Benefits
One-Number Dial Service A Smart Number can be linked to as many as 30 existing phone numbers.
0800 Toll-free Service A 0800 Smart Number allows your customers call you for free while you pay for their calls.
Digital Interleaving If a Smart number is linked to your other phone numbers, this feature enables incoming calls to be equally apportioned among them.
Non-Alphabet Smart (Special) Numbers Easy-to-remember numbers without alphabets.
E.g. 0700 1111 2222 3333


Now that you have a full understanding of what Smart Number mean, you can now proceed to request your Smart Number setup.


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