How To Get Job Offers Via Linkedin

Have you ever wondered how to get job offers via Linkedin, the world most popular professional social networking site with about 450 Million users and 44,000 daily job applications via Linkedin.

Many still don’t find LinkedIn as a reliable means of getting good job offers as they don’t really understand how it works. Some feel it’s just for the experienced professionals and young graduate stands less chance of getting job offers via Linkedin.

Personally, I have gotten job offers from and would like to share some tips on how to get job offers via linkedin.

Here are a few tips on how to get job offers via Linkedin:-

Create and Update your profile regularly –
Many users started out creating an account on Linkedin but don’t care to update their details often. Statistics shows that adding a profile photo makes one 36 times more likely to receive a message on the platform. Updating your profile includes updating your skills, certifications new job positions, publications and so on.

Be Active – Linkedin is just like any social networking platform if you are not active no one know whether you exist or not. Be active, share your expertise and opinion, comment on feeds and other users post. Participate in groups especially groups that are relevant to your career paths and also follow companies that related to the industry of your interest.

Follow HR Managers & Firms – With the increase in social recruitment, following HR personnel and firms increases your chances of getting job offers as it allows you to see in your feeds when they post for a vacant position on their profiles.
how to a job via LinkedIn

Get Recommendations – Ask for recommendations from other professional colleagues, especially from your place of work and from teammates who participated in the same project with you. It increases your credibility

Visit the Job board – Though the job section on Linkedin is updated late, one can still find good job offers that could still be open, so as a job seeker don’t hesitate to visit the job board on

With these few tips, you are good to go …

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