SMS Short Code (35811) Business Explained

Have you heard the word Short Code before or you are just hearing it for the first time, better still you have heard about it before but you do not know exactly what it means.

What is SMS Short Code?

Short Code is a 4 to 6 digits code (35811) provided by Value Added Service (VAS) providers,  licensed by Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) that has contracts with the traditional GSM  phone network carriers.


Types of Short Code.

There are two types of Short Code, that is Dedicated Short Code and Shared Short Code.  Basically they are the same and used for the same purpose, but there is a tiny line that separates the two and one of such is that, the Dedicated Short Code is owned by a single  business or individual (usually by the big brands) while the Shared Short Code is owned by tens to thousands of businesses or individuals being differentiated by a keyword. A keyword is any word you use to represent your campaign, e.g. ‘SPORTS’, ‘NEWS’, etc.  You choose the keyword yourself.

The Shared Short Code can be likened to the cabinet in the entrance of a bank where every customer is expected to drop his or her valuable items for safe keeping with the cabinet key taken into the banking hall by the customer.

Another difference between the two is cost. The Shared Short Code could just cost between N80,000 to N150,000 depending on the provider, the Dedicated Short Code  cost as much as N850,000 or more. Basically, Shared Short Code is crafted out for those small and medium size businesses and individuals who cannot afford the Dedicated Short Code, but the fact is they perform the same function, even in character.


Uses of Short Code.

Short Code is one of the numerous forms of Mobile Marketing and it is a very powerful SMS marketing tool for various niches like;

  • SMS Competitions
    SMS Voting (such as in reality shows)
    Text 2 Win promotions
    SMS Quizes
    Trivia Questions
    Prize draws
    Selling eBooks and Songs (Caller Tunes)
    Charity SMS donations
    Validation of Pins or Scratch Card Numbers
    Mobile Banking
    eTicketing for all events
    Redeemable mobile SMS vouchers
    Study Abroad, Romance
    Job Vacancies
    Religious Messages
    Information Services (e.g. Exam Information like JAMB, NECO, WAEC for Students, Addresses of places, Directions to specific places, Word Definitions, etc.),
    Weight Loss
    Sports Betting and so much more.

The list is endless, it just lies with your own imagination and you are in big business.

Now that you know some of the numerous niches or if you like call it uses or businesses, let us talk about how it works as a business and how you can profit from it massively.


How Shortcode Works.

To start with, have you ever received a text message on your GSM phone that for instance reads, ‘if you need a job, text ‘JOB’ to 35811, and have you been deleting those messages, please if you were deleting them before, please stop deleting those messages because you will soon be turning the table around by sending the same kind of messages to your prospects after reading this article and these messages you have been deleting will serve as a guide.


There are just 4 easy steps to get started and earn money from this lucrative and easy to join business.

STEP  1: Set up your own Short Code or Keyword.

STEP 2: Prepare your campaign, that is, composing the text you want to send to your prospects and start sending (promoting your keyword or code).

STEP 3: Your prospects responds back to your code or keyword and you start making the money. It is that simple and nothing more.

STEP 4: You smile to the Bank and cash out your revenue.


Lets assume you have 50 respondents a day, I want to be very modest here and the keyword tariff  is N50.  That is, 50 x 50 = N2,500 a day.  You can multiply that by 30 days in a month and it gives you N75, 000 monthly income without selling any product with the attendant stress.

Let us go a little further by you having 100 respondents a day, that doubles the income you make a day and monthly respectively.  You can always do better than this analysis I have given above because with over 125 million GSM phone subscribers and still counting the market is so huge and with a little extra effort in promotion the sky could just be your starting point.


One of the bright sides in the Short Code business is that, even if you have 1 million respondents to your code or keyword you will not be explaining the functions or workings of any product or service to anyone, most times all the respondents do not know you in person, you are just behind the scene, you quietly make money by your prospects responding to your keyword or code, it is a silent money maker.


Let me reveal to you how DStv made millions of naira from their Short Code  (keyword) recently.

How many of us reading this article  are subscribed to DStv paid channel Television Station? And how many of us are watching the ‘BIG BROTHER’ show currently running on channels 197 % 198 of DStv?.

The DStv made it mandatory that, for their customers to watch the  ‘BIG BROTHER’ channels you MUST send the text ‘YES’ to 30333 for the channels to be activated for them and N10 will be deducted from your phone immediately (In this case ‘YES’ is the keyword and 30333 is the code).

If you have been to DStv office in Lagos at Tiamiyu Savage you will know that DStv has the number of teller points that no commercial bank branch in this country has (not less than 17 teller points), that is to tell you how huge their customer base is.  Imagine 2 million of their customers want to activate  the ‘BIG BROTHER’ channels 197 & 198, that is N10 x 2 million which amounts to  a whopping N20 Million in less than a month.


Again how many of us know Medplus, it is a pharmacy and confectionery outfit spread across the country especially Lagos and they have a huge customer base, recently they have set up their own short code keyword, where the keyword is ‘MEDPLUS’ and the code is 5021, their customers and members of the public are subscribing to their health tips and they are making a lot of money, the list is endless in various endeavours of life.

That is the kind of huge amount of money brands make as an extra income aside their normal financial inflow, even individuals make so much money from the Short code business, so stop sitting on the sidelines and start making the kind of money so many others are making.


Other Ways You Can Make Money With Short Code.

There are several other ways you can earn real money from the short code business, assuming you have about 1 million subscribers to your keyword or code (it could be more than that). Aside earning money from persons who responded to your keyword or code maybe for an enquiry of your product or service, you can also make further money by selling other of your products or services to them.

Another fantastic way you can make money, is by promoting  any other product or service you have to them, because you already have their contact details and definitely you will make huge sales of these other of your products or services.

In other ways, you can also form another business outfit if you so wish, maybe a publicity outfit for that matter and begin to advertise other peoples products/services and get paid for services rendered to them.  You can also sell the contacts to any interested groups or individuals as a list.  You could come up with various other forms to make money for the list you already have in your hand.  So, you see, there are several other ways you can earn money apart from what you get from the shortcode or keyword.

As I have mentioned earlier, the Short  code is a very powerful SMS brand marketer.  You can use it to advance your brand greatly.

So, are you a brand, or an individual, you always have an idea in your business, profession, carrier, etc to put forward to the public, act swiftly, the payment is immediate, there is no debtor in this business, you will see your money rolling in real-time.


Secret Exposed

My Dear Friend, The truth is,  short code business has been with us for as long as the entrant of the GSM phone in this country, but was being monopolized by the big players in the industry, with the monopolization by the big players you need N0.5 million to get a shared short code and not even a dedicated short code.

But people like us with enormous painstaking research has broken that stronghold, so everybody and anyone that wants to make money can have and run a Short code business seamlessly with as little as N80,000 to N150,000 depending on whom you are talking  to.

Please one more important thing in the short code business is that there are no monthly, renewal, or rental fees as being charged by some providers, with different names being given to these charges. A  keyword or code is like having  your Pay-As-You-Go GSM phone line, it is for life, no extra charges attached to it and again you must demand for a cpanel from your provider that will enable you monitor your account, do not allow a situation where a weekly or monthly email will be sent to you, notifying you of your respondents, you might be cheated,  Be warned.

So many persons have made money out of this business and it will continue to mint money for anyone who wants genuine and real money for a leaving.  The messages you are receiving on your phone is not for fun, they are real money  minting  messages, so key into it and turn the table around, do not sit on the sidelines.

In conclusion, Mobile is the future, with over 125 Million mobile phone subscribers in this Nigeria, still counting, you can use Mobile Short code to grow your income massively.

Thank you for investing your time in me by reading this article., you can share your views below;




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